Zuza Poppy

Zuza Poppy, it’s not hard to guess, she loves red. Her favourite flowers are field poppies. She loves to sing and have fun, she has lots of ideas just like you.

Invite her home and she will be your friend.

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Delivery time:

7 working days


Product description

The lovely doll is a soft cuddly that resembles a cushion.

It consists of a cover, on which the doll’s figure is painted  and a soft infill made of  certified, anti-allergic silicone ball. The doll’s cushion cover is made of high-quality certified 100% cotton satin (front) and fluffy 100% Minky (back).

The cuddly has a sewn-in zipper on the back, so the cover can be removed and washed. Painted with safe non-toxic paints for fabrics. Can be washed in water.

Each doll is accompanied by a BIRTH CERTIFICATE and  QUALITY CERTIFICATE confirming that this product is hand-painted according to the original designs.

Dimensions of the doll: 42 cm x 15 cm

Composition: 100% cotton

100% polyester MINKY

Washing instructions: hand wash in lukewarm water, don’t iron, follow the symbols on the label