Looking for an original gift for a baby? A Birth Certificate Cushion will be a wonderful present for a newborn. Immortalise the moment.

Personalized products are made for special orders and are can’t be returned.

Czas realizacji

Delivery time:

7 working days

1. the name of the child

2. date of birth

3. place of birth

4. weight (g)

5. growth (cm)


Detailed description:

The cushion consists of a pillowcase and a certified anti-allergic silicone ball infill.

The front of the pillowcase is made of high-quality approved 100% cotton and the back is made of 100% Minky fleece

The pillowcase has a sewn-in zipper so it can be taken off and washed.

You will find attached Quality Certificate confirming that the product is hand-painted according to the original design.

size:  40 cm x 40 cm

composition: pillowcase – 100% cotton, 100% poliester Minky

infill: anti-allergic silicone ball, cover – 100% cotton

Washing instructions: hand wash, DON’T IRON, follow the symbols on the label

 The colours and the sizes of particular products may vary slightly due to the fact that they are all hand-made.