Create an unusual garland of letters. Not only can this original decoration make a child’s room more beautiful, but it can also help with teaching the child to read. The letters are hand-sewn and hand-painted according to the colour scheme in the picture ( shades of  pink, grey and white ).

With each garland you will receive a free mini car ( for a boy ) or a mini doll ( for a girl ) made from the same materials. The price is 23 zl per letter ( all calculated in the basket)

Personalized products are made for special orders and  can’t be returned

content of the inscription


Detailed description:

The letters are made from 100% cotton satin with certified, anti-allergic infill. They are all hand-painted with high-quality, water-resistant paints for fabrics and resemble little cushions with letters painted on the front. The letters have practical ribbons attached to them for easy fastening

High quality and durability

The height of the letters: the first one is 17 cm high, the others 13 cm high ( change of size and colour possible by e- mail )